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Only one of each five small appliances recycles


24 April 2012

The mobile telephones, the beaters, the shaving machines, the mechanisms to remote control and the electronic toys are some of the small devices used in the daily life of each person, that when they leave to be useful, run the risk to finish in the trash bag. His technical name is RAEE (Residue of Electrical and Electronic Device). The generation of this type of waste is in continuous growth, being increasingly difficult recepcionarlos.

According to the data contributed by the competent administrations, the past year managed properly more than 40.000 tonnes of this residue in the points of gather municipal, this means that they reduced the tonnes of carbon dioxide issued in 60.000 tonnes roughly and 25.200 tep (equivalent tonnes of oil) used for the obtaining of raw materials. Nevertheless, these quantities of residue managed if they compare with the 200.000 tonnes of RAEE generated of annual form, is a small quantity.

Treatment of RAEE.
To face up to this situation, would have to be designed systems of collected more advanced, and use them in strategic places, boosting a greater ease for his use by part of the citizen. This is precisely the aim of the European project IDENTIS WEEE (Integrated cheese cheese System of trazabilidad, determination and identification of wastes of electrical and electronic devices), coordinated by Hera, a company multisectorial of Bolonia, together with the integrated cheese cheese systems of management of three countries: Ecolight Consortium in Italy, Foundation Ecolum in Spain and Asociatia Environinging in Romania. It is a project funded by the program ‘LIFE + Political and Gobernanza Environingingmental', and is conceived and controlled by the operative support of Techne scpa.

Roberto Barili, general director of Hera, explains that “The aim of this project is to duplicate the volume of RAEE managed of correct form, loaning special attention to the resultant waste of the small electrical device and electronic, composed by recyclable materials almost in 95%”.

The solutions proposed have not produced remarkable results to date. As it observes Giancarlo Dezio, director of Ecolight, “if we follow us centring mainly in the big appliances, the levels of collected inside the commercial channels, in the case of the small appliances, will be low, although the collected of these last boosted with the disposal called ‘One by one' that allows to deliver the devices out of use of free way when buying one new with the same functionality or characteristic. In 2011, of the more than 100 tonnes of residue of small electrical and electronic device managed, 2% collected in the trades.

Barilli Adds: “To finals of 2012 will enter in Bolonia (Castenaso) and Rávena containers of the prototype ‘Lugo' for the collected of RAEE, that also will install in zones of Saragossa (Spain) and in Bucharest (Romania). The association is designing and manufacturing new containers, near of 40, that will place in the public road with innovative characteristics that help us to improve the collected so much of the small electrical device, as of the mobile telephones and the light bulbs of low consumption. The new containers for appliances of small and big size like televisions and computers, will be available in specific points for his storage: trades and big surfaces. The project also foresees the creation of a ‘door to door' for the collected of the RAEE in public squares and streets”.

In words of the general director of Hera, “the containers will be instrumented with a new system of information. An innovative digital system will register to the user and also the exact volume of the RAEE deposited in the same, providing information on the type of residue, the product and the materials that can recover, guaranteeing like this the transparency of all the process of management”.

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