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A small municipality of the province of Barcelona turns into the first ‘digital village' Catalan

Callús, pioneering village in the optical fibre/fiber in the homes

David Andreu, Anxanet04/11/2011

4 November 2011

The impulse that from does time Callús (Barcelona) has given to the technologies of the information and the telecommunications has arrived to a very important milestone: the arrival of the optical fibre/fiber to the homes. This fact is highly significant, especially taking into account the size and the location of the municipality, since by the size does not have sufficient potential users that do it appeal for the big operators, and, by location, situates out of the scope of the big lines of telecommunications.

In front of these adverse factors, have confluido a series of ‘positive energies' that have achieved revertir the difficulties and that finally have allowed to do reality a project that all Catalonia has taken like referent of implantation of services advanced of telecommunications. The first of these factors has been the impulse of all a village in the same direction, from the political direction of the City council of Callús and his municipal technicians, until a very militant citizenship of the project of the digital village. Definitely, this factor finds in the root that has allowed catalizar the difficulties and needs that a project like this needed to articulate.

Sight of Callús, municipality of the region of the Bages (Barcelona). Photo: Joan.

The project of Xarxa Oberta of Catalonia has been the second important factor. The fact that the CTTI of the Government of Catalonia promoted the arrival of the lines trocales to different points of the territory that traditionally had been marginados by the big operators, has revealed like definite to be able to allow the connection of Callús to the big broadband networks. This network promoted by the Generalitat arrives to other populations of Catalonia, but in few has found a previous infrastructure like the one of Callús, where the City council had worked to do the most difficult, that the network arrived to each rincón, an unusual fact in municipalities of this size.

Finally has been the company Anxanet the operator of telecommunications that has allowed the arrival of the broadband, lighting the optical fibre/fiber with the discharge of necessary Internet so that the customers of Callús can hire it. This Catalan operator is the one who finally offers the service to the neighbours/neighbors, the institutions and the companies of Callús, so that finally it does reality the dream that does years had a small village moved away of the big city. Thanks to the optical fibre/fiber and to his bandwidth, the inhabitants of Callús can enjoy today of Internet of high speed, television in high definition, telephone IP of quality, telematic services advanced, and in the future, of all that that require a connection to broadband Internet.

Today Callús is a model of distribution of optical fibre/fiber in the homes, but above this, is a model of tenacity of his inhabitants and of his convicción that the technologies of the information and the communications suppose a competitive advantage and a train that can not leave happen. They believed it it does years, and now is truer that never.

Photo: Optral, S.A.



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