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A cemetery with great energy

Barcelona funerary enclosures advocate environmentally sustainable practices

Drafting Interempresas26/04/2011

April 26, 2011

Barcelona inaugurated last March an installation of photovoltaic solar energy in the cemetery of Montjuïc. The solar Park, the first in the funerary enclosures of the City County and located on the cover of 8 blocks of niches near the crematorium, in the Southeast area of the cemetery, will generate a year around 136,000 kilowatts per hour and has meant an investment of 290,000 euros. This pioneering initiative, which began at the beginning of the year 2010, shows that the use of renewable energies is viable in different areas and can be extended to other cemeteries at the national level.

The solar Park boasts 100 kilowatts of power that will generate a year 136.011 kilowatts an hour, the equivalent to the consumption of 46 families or almost all of the electricity consumption of the Montjuïc cemetery during a year (150,000 kilowatt hour) and half of the consumption of the crematory ovens (250,000 kilowatt per hour). Coupled with the energy consumption of the cemetery and the crematorium is it equivalent to 34%. The installation covers an area of 700 square meters and will reduce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere in 135 tons, SO2 in 369 kilograms and NoX at 346 pounds.

Promoted by Alter Enersun, project is the result of the collaboration of this company with specialist IBC SOLAR photovoltaic and mixed society Cementiris in Barcelona. The solar Park will be operational soon and all the energy produced is evacuating in the distribution network that is then distributed among consumers. He is expected that during the lifetime of the project, considered of 25 years, total production close to 3,000,000 kilowatts per hour, all of it from renewable sources from the Sun.

This is the first installation in the cemeteries of Barcelona and, for a near future, are being considered to develop other solar farms in the cemetery of Montjuïc, as well as other burial sites in the city.

Located on the cover of 8 blocks of niches near the crematorium, the solar Park has an installed power of 10 kW.

Opening ceremony

The opening of the solar project in the cemetery of Montjuïc was the presence of Jordi Valmaña, general director of Cementeris of Barcelona, Jordi William Carnes, President of Cementeris of Barcelona and Deputy Mayor of the city of Barcelona. During the opening ceremony was remarked the energy savings resulting from the use of solar energy and that this facility can become the first step of a comprehensive project for the use of other covers of this and other cemeteries in the country.

Ricardo Leal, President of Alter Enersun expressed: "We want to show our appreciation to the Barcelona City Council and in particular to cemeteries of Barcelona by providing us the support to develop this groundbreaking plan." With projects like this, Alter Enersun wants to show its commitment by public administration sites, providing electrical system energy from renewable sources, from the Sun and, therefore, savings to society part of the global demand to be generated with other conventional sources", non-renewable". For his part, José Maria Llopis, director-general of IBC SOLAR in Spain and Portugal said: "We are very satisfied with this collaboration with Alter Enersun". The opening of this project is an example of the true commitment of both companies with the environment. "We have the firm conviction that our 29 years of experience and our commitment to quality, embodied in the guarantee that we offer in our products, will enable us to comply with the requirements and guarantee of Alter Enersun."

Commitment to the environment

Cemeteries of Barcelona have been pioneers in the Spanish State in the use of dioxin filters, and at this time, all the crematoria of the city have these devices. The two dioxin filters installed in the crematoria of Montjuïc, as well as located in the crematorium of Collserola, allow to minimize the emissions of dust, gaseous pollutants and heavy metals (from 50 to 10 mg/nm³). The installation of these filters, as well as the introduction last year of a new crematorium furnace, the seventh - there are 4 in Montjuïc and Collserola 3 - have been carried out in response to the growing demand for INCI produced in recent years.

In the last thirty years, the Catalan capital has gone from having little more than 250 INCI in 1983, having 7.010 in 2010, representing 41% of the total. This increase responds to a new way of understanding life, but also death.

Thanks to the efforts of Cementiris in Barcelona to get families to deposit the ashes in the cemeteries, in the past three years, the number of ballot boxes remaining in these areas has increased significantly, going from 20% in 2006 to 30% in 2010. The remaining 70% is delivered to the families who decide to keep the urn at home, either or scatter the ashes in specific sites.

Although cemeteries are the place of burial of reference, is common practice in the case of the ashes spread them in places and not correct forms. Given this fact, and in order to respond to the increase in the demand for the practice of cremation, and invoke the respect for the environment, Cementiris of Barcelona bets for sensitizing the population of which cemeteries are a natural place to house the ashes of loved ones. Currently, the facilities available for this purpose are: the Jardí of the Mediterranean in the Montjuïc cemetery; Bosc d'Espargiment of Cendres Collserola cemetery; the Jardí of the cemeteries of Montjuïc Repòs Collserola i; El Jardí of les Aromes, Jardí d'Espargiment of Cendres, also of Montjuïc, los columbarios cinerariums of various cemeteries.

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