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The company auncia three new releases of the PT series rubber crawler

Terex expands its fleet of wheeled skid steer

Drafting Interempresas24/11/2008

November 24, 2008

PT-80, PT-60, and PT-30 models of Terex are caterpillars of rubber crawler skid steer loaders that offer exceptional traction, high-performance and easy to manoeuvre. The caterpillars of rubber skid steer these three new loaders, of 75, 56-29 HP of power respectively, are put less pressure on the ground to the foot of a person. They can be used on fragile as grass and Earth surfaces, and enjoy maximum productivity in weather conditions varied as Sun, rain or snow, where the normal wheel loaders and other crawler loaders may not work. The brand has announced also the launch of the PT-100 Miniloader next year 2009.

The crawler rubber PT Terex crawler skid steer loaders are designed for applications in construction and landscaping, public services and private activities: gardening, construction, maintenance of golf courses, snow plow, municipalities, agriculture and land owners.

PT family will be expanded next year with PT-100.

PT - 80: 4,000 kg and only 3.5 psi of pressure

The new Miniloader of rubber PT-80 Terex crawler is useful for extreme excavations and fast scrolling. It is equipped with a unique train of traction and multiple suspension as well as a completely comfortable interior cabin.

This Miniloader, of 75 HP (56 kW), is an advanced system and long durability of caterpillars of rubber with a patented suspension system on multiple levels that maximize traction and allow a smooth and stable leadership. The train of four 'bogeys' with 16 wheels by Caterpillar varies independently to maximize contact with the ground. As a result, this 4.070 kilograms of operating weight machine, distributed and reduces its weight at only 3.5 psi of pressure on the ground, which means less pressure than the foot of a person treading. With such low pressure on the ground, the PT-80 can productively work in conditions where the ground is soft or wet, hard thing for the crawler skid steer loaders of wheels and normal caterpillars that may not work at all under these circumstances.
The PT-80 allows you to choose between standard of 457 mm rubber caterpillars or optional caterpillars of 508 millimeters wide. The standard can maneuver more quickly and more confined areas, while the more wide optional tracks offer a superior flotation, thus reducing the pressure on the ground of the operating weight 3.5 psi.
It is ideal for work in buildings, lands and private applications, the avant-garde hydraulic system of the PT-80 is part of a standard equipment with a high flow directional to cut grass, remove snow and more options. This hydraulic variable displacement with load control system manages the precise control of the functions of coupling.
Control managers located in lever and managed by the driver, allow the control accurate and with little effort of all the functions of the machine. The electrical system and the auxiliary hydraulic system functions are built-in to the lever to achieve quick and easy control of all the accessories.
Direct two-speed transmission was the PT-80 allows you to select the speed lower to achieve maximum torque and the top to move more quickly, up to 15 kilometers per hour.

The PT-80 includes also comforts such as a port of outlet of 12 volts and multiple storage areas. Different precincts of cabin to seat, adjustable suspension and hydraulic quick Coupler can be selected. Other improvements to take into account are the rapid location of key ignition, a rigid frame of the door and a steel tank for the deposit of fuel with a capacity of 68 litres. Furthermore, all the 'bogeys' wheels are protected with heavy-duty metal labels similar to those used in most of the bulldozer of caterpillars of steel.

The Miniloader PT-80 is ideal for extreme excavations.

PT - 60: the median and more rapid family

Model PT-60, medium-sized, has a 56 HP (42 kW) engine and a patented drive train. With high performance and exceptional versatility, this Miniloader is ideal for many applications in construction and landscaping, public services and private activities applicable to a wide range of conditions of terrain in which other teams may not work at all.

The new PT-60 has a system of two-speed transmission that gives a greater torque for excavations intensive in low-speed mode. High speed moving more quickly and get faster cycle times and maximum productivity. Minimum speed, PT-60 can be moved up to 10 kilometres per hour, and at maximum speed reached the 15.8. Only the new Miniloader of caterpillars of rubber Terex model PT-100 (next release in 2009) is faster, with a top speed of 18.5 km/h.

As a complement to its great speed to scroll, the PT-60 has, in the train, a unique system of conduction of caterpillars that it increases the traction and favours the durability of the machine and the caterpillars. This patented technology allows the PT-60 to be operational on any type of terrain. Using torsion axes to maximize machine contact with the ground, even on different types of land, the PT-60 achieves exceptional traction and high performance.

It includes a lower frame that uses 24 wheels to distribute the weight of the machine across the surface of the rubber tracks. As a result, the 2,880 kg of operating weight of the machine are distributed to only 24.7 kPa pressure on the ground. This makes the PT-60 in the perfect machine for contractors and businesses that require high productivity throughout the year regardless of weather conditions and terrain. Enjoy an extremely low ground pressure also makes the PT-60 the best machine to be used in environmentally sensitive areas, areas such as gardens, golf courses and where it is necessary because the fragility of the terrain requires it. With the PT-60 contractors can reduce high costs for damages of the ground which are very common when using a minidigger or other crawler loaders.

The PT-60, Terex introduces some options to choose the tracks for all types of use. The standard of 381 millimeters wide, are used to work in general and moderate use being optimal its traction and its use in a wide range of ground conditions. For delicate or fragile surfaces ideally is the exclusive option of caterpillars to grass 'Turf track', and in extremely wet, muddy or slippery conditions, the caterpillars for extreme terrains 'extrem terrain' are the best choice. These caterpillars, 419 millimeters wide offer a greater buoyancy to the standards; In addition, the drawing includes deep furrows for a better grip action and greater separation between grooves for better automatic cleaning in the lands under worst conditions.

The PT-60 is equipped with a new hood with steel mesh panels strategically placed at the top and side, providing a broad flow of air circulation to the turbocharged diesel engine and cooling system.

The new lower chassis favors the durability of the PT-60, including the roller pulley of steel that are used to remove dirt and materials not desired, as long as they benefit the long life of the machine. Other rollers are covered with rubber to maximize the cushioning and protection of the caterpillars. Likewise the bearings have seals of mirror Premium, providing increased durability, better protection of the gear and greater reliability for many more years of service without operational problems.

The PT-60, with their 1,676 mm in width, is one of the most narrow sector machines. Its compact size and easy handling make it easy maneuvers more quick and easy, making this Miniloader a superior team in applications where other compact loaders, crawler and wheeled fail.

The PT-60 reaches 15.8 km/h.

PT - 30: major works in small spaces

The PT-30 is the Miniloader of caterpillars of the Terex range more compact rubber. With only 1,219 mm in width, it allows a single operator get the productivity of a whole gang. It has an agile maneuverability for work in confined areas or difficult to access, very low on the ground pressure, so that it can be used in sensitive areas with minimal impact.

The 29.5 CV of this Miniloader apply the suspension of the lower frame, patented technology, that maximizes traction, favors the durability of the machine and the caterpillars while maintaining the comfortable operator at all times. The lower frame of the PT-30 uses 24 wheels to distribute the weight of the machine across the surface of the rubber tracks. As a result, the 1,500 kilos of operating weight of the machine are distributed to only 19.2 kilo pascals of pressure field thing that he allows you to be used on fragile surfaces. Ideal for landscaping, construction, maintenance of golf courses, snow plow, municipalities, agriculture and land owners, for both the PT-30 can use a wide range of highly productive accessories, according to the needs and the required performance, which include: spoons, rakes, mowers, pallet, snow plow, backhoes and sweepers; tools that can connect easily to the PT-30 with values of functioning up 370,7 liters per minute, thanks to the auxiliary hydraulic connection that the computer is equipped with.

The operator also has the option of a machine with a standard crawler or special grass tracks. Standard caterpillars of the PT-30 are fitted with 508 mm in width for general use with movements moderate in the widest range of applications and conditions of the ground. For applications requiring extreme in fragile surfaces a care and protection, the most effective solution is the use of special grass, optional, caterpillars that offer excellent soils traction and operation more dry and have a smooth surface for an effective functioning without leave marks and achieve maximum protection of the grassland or similar surfaces.

The skid of the range, the PT-30, has only 1219 mm wide.



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