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Messer Ibérica de Gases, S.A.U. - About...

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Autovía Tarragona-Salou, km 3,8
43480 Vila-seca (Tarragona) Spain

Manufacture of gases

Location of Messer Ibérica de Gases, S.A.U.


Messer Ibérica de Gases, S.A.U.

115 years ago, the name Messer has been associated with all the concerning industrial gases. The Group Messer produces and commercialises industrial gases, alimentary, medicinal and special. These gases call them in Messer gases for Life since they are indispensable in a lot of processes of manufacture of daily products.

The range of gases is so polifacética like the industries that use them and that benefit of the specific applications that Messer develops in his modern technology centres. Messer Supplies to sectors like the metallurgical industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and alimentary, the car industry, electronic, medicine, science and investigation, as well as the environingingmental technology.

Messer Iberian of gases, subsidiary of the German multinational in Spain, was founded in 1970.
This company with headquarters in Vilaseca (Tarragona) supplies to the chemical complex of Tarragona by a network of gaseoductos of more than 90 km of length. According to the needs of the customers, supplies also gases liquefied in trucks cisterna and gases in bottles to pressesure for whose distribution has of a wide network of distributors in all the Iberian Peninsula.