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Messer Ibérica de Gases, S.A.U.


Messer Ibérica de Gases, S.A.U.

gases Pharmaline of Messer, reliable quality for the pharmaceutical industry

Messer, manufacturer of industrial and medicinal gases, launches his new line of products Pharmaline that offers to the pharmaceutical companies in all Europe a solution for the use of gases of process... [+]

Of electricity storage in liquid air, a way to ensure the stability of the power grid

Drafting Interempresas
Picture of Of electricity storage in liquid air, a way to ensure the stability of the power grid
Messer, specialist industrial gases, It has supported a study on energy storage using liquid air, which was presented by the 'Centre for Low Carbon Futures' of the United Kingdom (CLCF) at a Conference in London in May. The use of liquid air energy storage could increase the security of energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create an entirely new industry... [+]

Messer proposes the use of gas in the industry to reduce the environmental impact

Numerous companies in the chemical, petrochemical industry, as well as pulp and paper in applications of industrial gases found a way to reduce the damage that their activities could cause in the environment... [+]

The Group Messer initiates the International Year of the hygiene

The Group Messer, manufacturer of industrial gases with corporate headquarters in Germany, initiated the past 13 September, a campaign of hygiene in the work in all his companies... [+]

Messer Iberian, certified according to ISO 22000

Picture of Messer Iberian, certified according to ISO 22000
The inocuidad of the foods is a sensitive subject. Thus, the foods are subjected to strict controls along all the alimentary chain, to guarantee that they do not cause damage to the consumer when they prepare and/or consummate in accordance with the use to the that allocate .
The alimentary gases of the range Gourmet of Messer alimentary additive sound that use in the processing, packaging, refrigeration and freezing of the foods... [+]

Wide Messer production in El Morell

Messer industrial gas manufacturer invests EUR 40 million in one of the largest plants of Spain air fractionation in the province of Tarragona. Through a system of gas increase their supply capacity for large chemical and petrochemical enterprises in the industrial complex of Tarragona. [+]
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