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Mollet, 53 - Pol. Ind. Palou Nord
08401 Granollers (Barcelona) Spain

Design and manufacture of machinery for the industry of process

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Lleal, S.A

Group Lleal, 135 years to the service of the Industry of Process.
From 1874 Lleal works in the design and manufacture of equipment and installations for the alimentary industry, cosmetic, chemical (painting, inks, adhesive,...), pharmaceutical and ceramic. With his experience and permanence in the market, Lleal is today a company leader in the development of new technologies to improve the industrial processes.

Thanks to our experience, contribute an exhaustive knowledge of all the industrial processes in which it takes part: agitation, kneaded, mix, emulsion, dried and granulation, molienda, tamizado, dosage and packaging.

Our technical team designs and builds machines and complete installations, specific for each sector, doing them even more effective when using the last technologies, so much in design as in manufacture.

One of our worries is the investigation like formula to offer the best technical solutions to the industry.