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Traginers, 9 - Pol. Vara de Quart
46014 València Spain

Polymers, machinery and auxiliary products

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Guzmán Global, S.L.

GUZMAN S.A. initiate his activities in the sector of plastics at the beginning of the decade of 1950 being our founder, Fidel García Guzmán, pioneer in the introduction of the Polyethylene of High Density in Spain.

From 1988 GUZMAN collaborates with GENERAL ELECTRIC PLASTICS like official distributor in Spain of the American multinational, founding in 1993 the conjoint society POLYMERLAND GUZMAN S.A.

In the year 2002 purchase a participation in AUGUSTO GUIMARAES & IRMAO, LDA, first company distributor of plastics of engineering of Portugal, consolidating like this our presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

In 2006 GUZMAN S.A. purchases 50% of the actions that GEPLASTICS had in POLYMERLAND GUZMAN and from 1 January 2007 change the social denomination by GUZMAN POLIMEROS S.L.

In GUZMÁN GLOBAL, S.L. We facilitate to our customers the possibility to simplify his management of shopping in an alone contact, thanks to the offer of the most extensive range of polymers, machinery and auxiliary products as well as the necessary technical assistance for the development of applications and industrial solutions.