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Oyarzun, 1 - Bajo
20013 San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa) Spain

Electrical material and industrial components

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Garma Electrónica, S.L.

Garma Electronic is cream in the year 1967 with the union of strengths García-Martínez and the vocation to cater to the industry of electrical material and industrial components.

Explain in the actuality with the enthusiasm of a selected team of professionals and with the necessary material means to be able to guarantee the highest quality in all those works that trust us our customers. At all times we look for to attain the same satisfaction of our customers so much in the deal as to level of the standards of quality of our materials.

Ours main aims are the continuous improvement and the satisfaction of our customers, by what are conscious that we have to follow expanding our knowledges and perfecting the systems of work established up to now.