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Caipla, S.L.


Caipla, S.L.

Technicians of pneumatics transport

Picture of Technicians of pneumatics transport
In the actuality exist numerous technicians for the transport of materials to granel. Of between all they deserve a special quotation and are object of the present article, elaborated by Caipla, the systems of pneumatics transport. The pneumatics transport defines like the trasvase of solid materials in grain or pulverulentos shut in pipe with the impulsión of a fluid, generally air compressesed... [+]

Caipla specialist in steel construction and boiler

Picture of Caipla specialist in steel construction and boiler
Caipla, S.L. is a company, in the metallurgy sector, whose main activities are the metal constructions and boiler works, and this is a very large field with varied applications. The company located in Sabadell (Barcelona) has extensive technical and human resources as well as 30 years of experience in the industrial sector, which allows them to offer a wide range of products... [+]
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