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Pavilion 7, level 0, stand B276

Secaderos, selections and tamizadoras star the stand of Gosag in Expoquimia

Editorial Interempresas24/10/2011

24 October 2011

Gosag Is a highly specialised/specialized company in the conception and manufacture of teams for the qualifier and separation of all type of materials. From 2003 form splits of the group German multinational Allgaier. The secaderos Allgaier-Mozer, the selections Mogensen and the tamizadoras Allgaier are some of the solutions of the group that can be contemplated closely in the stand of Gosag in Expoquimia (of the 14 to 18 November, in the Big enclosure Via of Fira of Barcelona).
The secaderos have application in products of multiple sectors: química, pharmacy, agricultural chemistry, pigments, catalysts, recubrimiento, feeding or plastics.

Secaderos Allgaier-Mozer

The secaderos Allgaier work of a very efficient way in almost all the industrial states. The systems of dried Allgaier are very flexible and, because of details in his construction and to a wide variety of optional alternatives, is possible to design the processes of way highly productive. Gosag Commercialises/Commercializes secaderos of drum, of mulch fluidizado or of dispersion, in addition to other models in function of the needs of the customer, as they could be the secaderos with enfriador, with zone of cleaning, with tamizado additional or for coating, amongst other.

These secaderos have application in products of multiple sectors: chemistry, pharmacy, agricultural chemistry, pigments, catalysts, coating, feeding or plastics. It treats of teams to measure for processes with dusts, granulated, pellets and compressed, so much of dried in process of continuous production as by batches.

Selections Mogensen

Gosag, S.To it manufactures like licenciatario only for Spain and Portugal the selections Mogensen from does more than 42 years; and from 5 years ago also in Latin America. The selection Mogensen uses until 6 placed meshes staggered by flats and allowing obtain until 7 distinct products, that mount in a metallic body to the that gives him a variable vibration in amplitude and form in function of the qualifier to realise/realize.

The selections manufacture integralmente in stainless steel.

The lights of mesh diminish progressively of the upper to the inferior, at the same time that his slope increases. This does that the material flow fast and vertically through the cloths, achieving like this high capacities. Besides, they reduce considerably the blindings and wears produced by the conventional selections and increases the efficiency and the capacity of the sifted increasing the range of difficult materials that can treat successfully (fine, humid, sticky, etc.).

The manufacture of these selections is integralmente in stainless steel, and exist different qualities for chemical applications, pharmaceutical and alimentary.

Tamizadoras Allgaier

The tamizadoras by nutación original of Allgaier are systems of classification to the highest level of the technology, for many and different fine products and ultrafinos. With the development of the tamizadora by nutación, Allgaier has marked criteria in the market. The series TSM has expanded by the series TSI, offering more variety of sizes.

The machines of tamizado by nutación of r Are systems contrived principalmente for dust, granulated and matters to granel very fine.

With the development of the greater tamizadora by nutación of the world, TSI 290, and the introduction of innovations patented as, for example, the sieve segmentado, Allgaier has been able to expand his technological leadership in the sector of the tamizadoras by nutación.

The machines of tamizado by nutación of Allgaier are systems of classification highly effective, contrived mainly for dust, granulated and matters to granel very fine. Allgaier Possesses one of the technicians of tamizado by nutación more advanced and in which it applies methods very practical and effective like sieve segmentado, diverse systems of anticolmatación for meshes, included ultrasounds, possibility of manufacture ATEX, devices of cleaning for the team WIP and boards of sealed according to FDA.

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