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Major three days Online Auction
Important Manufacturer of Paper Mill Equipment
Ibarra (Tolosa) - Spain
On view: by appointment
Auction 1
Auction Starts: 30 Sep 2012
Auction Ends: 2 Oct 2012 - from 16.00 CEST
Auction 2
Auction Starts: 1 Oct 2012
Auction Ends: 3 Oct 2012 - from 16.00 CEST
Auction 3
Auction Starts: 2 Oct 2012
Auction Ends: 4 Oct 2012 - from 16.00 CEST
Contact information: Elia Alés
Office: (+34) 93 112 1515
Cellphone: (+34) 650 898 760
Offers are invited for main items
prior to auction
in association with

Horizontal and CNC Lathes

All lathes reconditioned in 2006

  • ETXEA B-800. Ø 1650 x 5700 mm. HEIDENHAIN D.R.O.
  • GURUTZPE SUPER A. Ø 1080 x 6000 mm. HEIDENHAIN D.R.O.
  • ETXEA T-III. Ø 960 x 7000 mm. HEIDENHAIN D.R.O.
  • GURUTZPE SUPER BT. Ø 1080 x 10000 mm. HEIDENHAIN D.R.O.
  • ETXEA BRN 1000-C. Ø 2100 x 10000 mm. 2 carros. HEIDENHAIN D.R.O.
  • GURUTZPE A-1000 CNC. Ø 920 x 3000 mm. CNC FAGOR 8070.
  • MICROTOR, UNITOR, LACFER, TOR, ETXEA lathes fver bed Ø 330 to 750 mm. Distance between centers 650 to 2000 mm.
  • Tools (Chucks of 3 and 4 jaws, tracers, tool-holder)

Boring, Milling and drilling Machines

  • AMCO-SACEM MSMG 125 CNC Boring-Milling Planer Type. Table 1600 x 2000 mm. HEIDENHAIN LE430 CA CNC. 5 axes.
  • JUARISTI MDR-130 CM. Floor Type Boring Machine. Table 2500 x 2000 mm. Travels: 10000 x 2730 x 1320 mm. HEIDENHAIN and FAGOR D.R.O. to travels, table and head.
  • AYCE and JUARISTI Table Type Boring Machines. Spindle Ø 65 to 110 mm. Equipped.
  • PENZOTI CV-05 CNC Bridge Type Milling Machine. Travels: 8000 x 3000 x 1260 mm. HEIDENHAIN ITNC 530 CNC. 4 ejes. (Reconditioned 2006).
  • MORKAIKO FCM 1646 Universal Milling Machine. Table 2600 x 600 mm. FAGOR D.R.O.
  • Radial, piller and desktop drilling machines. Drill Ø 20 to 50 mm.
  • Tools (Square, cubic tables, floor plates, beds, clamps)

Grinding and Balancing Machines

  • TEVIMA SN5-380 Heavy Duty Roll Grinding Machine. Max. Grinding Ø 2000 mm. Grinding length 10000 mm. SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D/810D CNC. (2006).
  • NAXOS UNION WT160/7000 Heavy Duty Roll Grinding Machine. Max. Grinding Ø 1500. Grinding length 6500 mm. PLC-SIEMENS. (Reconditioned 2006).
  • Wessel and Universal Grinding machines, tool grinders,)
  • HOFMANN Balancing Machine

Grinding and Balancing Machines

  • Band Saws 250 to 500 mm. Slotting Machine, Welding machines.
  • GARDNER DENVER Screw Compressors, dryer, air receiver. Boilers, Walter filtration installation, Coolant Recovery installation Transformer.
  • Cones, drills, tapers, countersink, indexing inserts, cutter heads.
  • Handtool, big quantity of bearings different sizes, screws, hydraulic and pneumatic tools.

Lifting and transport Equipment

  • JASO Overhead Cranes 20 to 64 Tn. (2006)
  • Cantiliver Cranes 2 and 5 Tn. (2006)
  • Electrical and diesel Forklift 3000 Kg. Electric Stacker 1500 Kg. (2006)
  • Heavy Duty transporter 50 Tn. (2006)
  • Electric aerial work platform until 13 mts. (2003)


  • Big quantity of Shop Furniture, Containers, prefabricated offices and toilets. Office furniture, Computers, and much more.


International Auction Group (IAG) is the main auctioneer in Spain specialized in selling all kind of industrial equipment worldwide.
IAG provides integral solutions to companies and industries wishing to BUY second hand machinery as well as to those industries, receivers, lawyers, accountants and financial institutions wishing to SELL due to closure, relocation or redeployment of its productive activities.
IAG offers services of sales management, valuations and asset inventory, logistics services for disassembling and assets removal.
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