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Combine the protection in origin and the prevention of losses, a basic tool for the manufacturer and retail

Control the stock of clothes and accessories in shop already is possible

Nerea Gorriti25/04/2012

25 April 2012

It imagines control the warehouse of his establishment with so only look a screen of the computer? Know in each moment of immediate and precise form which articles and his characteristics has in stock? Even know which products have stolen and have to replace or know how many people have visited his establishment. The answer? Labels RFID. These, integrated cheese cheese in the product in origin, that is to say from the point of manufacture, allow to the perfectionist have the smart product for his commercialisation.
That the automation supposes big savings is already something known, but approach until the installations of Checkpoint, specialised in labels of protection in origin in Terrassa (Barcelona) and can check in situ in his ‘showroom', how works each one of the solutions of labeling that possesses and the profits that contributes the label of protection in origin for different sectors, is determinant to know the magnitude of the systems of this multinational that allows to know better the inventory of the warehouse as in the shop helping to warn and control the theft.
Carlos López, director of Merchandise Visibility and ALS for the South of Europe of Checkpoint.

Intelligent Apparel Solutions:

To protect in origin the textile pieces have a lot of types of labels: with variable data, knitted, of cares and composition, patterned, graphic, impresas by termo transfer, protection of mark, of different materials, forms, textures and colours. A lot of manufacturers ask hard labels. These labels are placed in origin, arrive to the shop and are withdrawn during the sale. Afterwards they collect them and they go back them to enter in the circuit doing a reverse logistics of the labels. Of this form the textile products are 100% protected and controlled from the origin which favours the environingingment, since the label is reutilizada. Checkpoint Offers labels of hygiene RF and labels that besides can be RFID. These solutions cover the areas of Anti-theft, Visibility of the Commodity or Inventory (RFID) and Apparel Labeling Solutions (labelled already was of hygiene or of identification). These areas go very joined.
The labels can include variable information on the product. They are ideal for a lot of sectors, but fundamentally, for the textile.

RFID For retailers of the textile

Checkpoint Offers to his customers of the textile market the possibility to protect with the antennas EVOLVE, of last generation. These antennas can update of simple form so that they work jointly with the technology of RFID, opening the fan of possibilities and services. The dual technology and the products of Checkpoint make possible to the retailers enter the technology RFID without leaving to attend to his current needs. Retailers All over the world already are betting by this solution and are in process of transition of the RF to the RFID.

The technology RFID allows to the retailers of the textile market know no only if it has produced a loss by theft, but which commodity in concrete has been stolen through the chain of supply, allowing improve the politics of hygiene. No only it remains this here, but with the RFID can reduce the part of the unknown loss generated by administrative errors. This vision allows to the retailers have of a much more exact image of the inventory, what allows them replace quickly the linear. Improvement, then , the availability of the articles and favours the increase of the sales.

The Overhead, the last launching of Checkpoint, is an antenna of RFID for control antihurto in the doors of the establishments that can be integrated cheese cheese under the false ceiling of the shop. Besides, They are developing multiple applications for the hand-held readers, one of them for example, can indicate which articles carry a determinate time without being sold, allowing realise promotions and like this give exit with more speed to the stock of the shop.

The labelled in origin

The protection in origin offers to the retailers a value added that constitutes a differential element in a so competitive market. The program of protection in origin of Checkpoint offers a wide fan of options of hygiene of products that integrate in the plant of manufacture and allow to reduce the high cost of the labelled manual in shop. The products arrive to the smart establishment for the sale, properly protected against the theft. It was cual was the type of product or his place of production, Checkpoint offers the possibility to manage in real time the requests of labels of the manufacturers through the on-line platform Check-Net. The labels EAS ultra fine of Chekpoint can hide practically in any part: they adhere of flawless form to packagings of cardboard, integrate in the labels of labeling of price and of identification of products or glide under the labels of bottles.
Every time they are more the articles of feeding that protect against the theft.

Wide fan of services of labelled RF in origin:

  • Free technical analysis of the product and of the container or packaging to determine the ideal place for the label of hygiene
  • Circuits EAS RF ultra fine in rolls of until 8.000 labels
  • Program of implantation
  • Assistance in situ for the certification of the team and of the process

New generation of antennas antihurto EVOLVE:

According to María Vidal, Product Marketing Shrink Management Solutions and Hand Labelling Solutions of Checkpoint “recently have launched the fourth generation of the antennas EVOLVE that, unlike the previous, no only treat to protect, but also to give information to the customers. They allow to obtain reports and statistical of what occurs in the trade. They allow to obtain information on the cause of the alarms and can integrate a counter of people, an important data for the department of marketing and sales, that allows to know the ratio of conversion of customer, that is to say know how many people have gone in in the shop and how many people have bought”.

“The information that collect –add– sends to a server of Checkpoint, process the data and send them to the customer. Nowadays it is a very notable information for the customer: the causes of the alarms, establishments with more or less incidences, alarms out of the labour schedule, etc. And all this of simple and intuitive form”.

Like this, the software of management of the unknown loss ChekPro allows to obtain the maximum performance of his system anti-theft EAS and optimise the profit. It incorporates a system of counter of visitors, management of incidences, investigation of cases and solutions of audits.
The new generation of antennas EVOLVE also offers data of interest like the number of people that access to the establishment.
The software offers reports and statistics to the perfectionist that allow him manage and improve his business.

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complete Program to combat the unknown loss.

The unknown loss constitutes an enormous challenge for the retail industry, since it supposes to the retailers in Spain the 2.946 million euros to the year, according to data of the World-wide Barometer of the Theft in the distribution 2011. The percentage of sales supposes 1,4% in front of 1,3% registered the previous year. The multinational has a range of solutions for the sector and works jointly with his customers to elaborate a complete program for the reduction of the unknown loss: internal theft, external theft, administrative errors and theft of providers.