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Surgenia Gives to know in Alimentary 2012 the tools of knowledge to look for new products and intuir the universes of current consumption

The design like key of differentiation and positioning in the market agroalimentario

Editorial Interempresas02/04/2012
How it will be the consumption agroalimentario in the near future or to which group of consumers belong, are some of the questions that has tried to answer Rosa María Muñoz, responsible of international projects of Surgenia –the Technological Centre Andalusian of the Design, chaired by Quim Larrea– in the International Living room of the Feeding and Drunk Alimentary 2012. In the design is the answer: 'The design to differentiate . How innovar in basic products', went the title of the talk celebrated the past 28 March in Alimentary HUB, the big centre of interconnection between the innovation, the knowledge and the tendencies for the alimentary industry and his agents linked.

The aim of the Observatory of Surgenia is to detect changes and identify opportunities through the design. The main tendencies in the industry agroalimentaria “have consequences on the future consumption of a product”, according to Rosa María Muñoz, and “therefore it is necessary to have data and knowledge on these over time sufficient movements, to react before that our competition and do the most attractor trucks proposal ”.

Rosa María Muñoz, responsible of international projects of Surgenia during his intervention.

According to the investigation of the Technological Centre Advanced of the Andalusian Design –the only of these characteristics in Spain– the gastronomic tastes answer to seven universes of consumption. For each one of them, define the characteristics of the design (container, colours, material, forms and textures) more adapted to achieve a competitive product for the consumers of now and the ones of the future. Between them, the 'sofisticadores', that sue complex products moved away of the consumption of masses with the sweet flavours like special appeal for them; or the 'econcienciados', more concerned for “reducing, reutilizar and recycle”, that sue cool products brought from few kilometres of his place of consumption; The interested in the health are the 'likes me take care me', between which impera the concept 'slow food', with interest by the healthy foods and little calóricos.

The consumer that looks for the sophisticated finds an every time greater offer.

A 'artesanosumer' well could say that of “the done home knows better”, because it treats of a group of consumers that enjoys of the authentic flavours with touch of exotic and contemporary ingredients; the most practical are the 'simplificadores', that go back to the basic with easy and useful products that find in the trades with assortment and wide schedule of the cities; finally they are the 'alternoalimentarios' and the 'economicoeficientes'. The first are tired of the routine and look for new experiences in ingredients with secondary effects of the type vigorizantes, aphrodisiac and energizantes: the called ‘natural doping' or ‘legal drugs'; and the following are expert in the exploration of products that tests and compares looking for the best relation efficiency-efficiency. An increasingly extensive universe by the economic uncertainty.

Big marks already bet by new textures and finishings that surprise.

These seven groups of consumers show the aesthetic currents, sociological and cultural that foresees that they articulate the consumption for a significant group of inhabitants. Through the description of the how are and how feed , which flavours appreciate, which forms and formats arouse his interest, which type of distribution is more affine to his lifestyle or which type of awake communication more his attention, remain exposed the own characteristics to be translated to the design of the product.

Alimentary 2012 was the frame chosen by the technological centre for his intervention.

What is Surgenia?

Surgenia Is a Technological Centre Advanced specialised in design that investigates and develops products and innovative spaces and transfers this knowledge to the business fabric to do it more competitive. It realises projects of R&D that employ the design like tool of innovation and/or differentiation. His mission is to endow to the product or space of identity, function and emotion. His vision is to integrate the design in the Andalusian economy.

Surgenia Is a private foundation, non-profit, cataloged like Andalusian Agent of the Knowledge. It is backed by more than 30 masters of several strategic sectors: productive industry, professionals of the design, public servicy and technology centres, amongst other.

Was cream in 2007 in Córdoba, where has his main headquarters, and has a delegation in Málaga. During these years, Surgenia has worked in more than 100 own projects or in network with other technology centres, directed to the sector of the design and to other strategic economic sectors like the agroalimentario, habitat, fashion and industrial technician.