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Ctra. Torrelles, nave 34
08620 Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona) Spain

Manufacture, representation, commercialisation and repair of components for the realisation of hydrostatic transmissions, hidromecánicas or mechanical

Location of Interfluid Hidráulica, S.L.U.


Interfluid Hidráulica, S.L.U.

A dynamic and competent company to proof of the most demanding customers

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It is situated in the metropolitan area of Barcelona in some wide and modern installations. It bases his main activities in the manufacture, representation, commercialisation and repair of components for the realisation of hydrostatic transmissions, hidromecánicas or mechanical for an infinity of applications in sectors so diverse like the one of the public work, agriculture, forestry, maintenance, elevation, nautics, off-shore, machines-tool, environingingment, maintenance vial, renewable energies, industry or defence.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It keeps a long experience like industrial engineering, added to the wide technical knowledges, so much of the components that commercialise as of his possible and miscellaneous applications, allowing us act like a true adviser with the advantage to be able to choose the most appropriate product of each represented.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. Thanks to these wide knowledges and important experience in crowds of applications, will be able to orient them in the selection according to his need so much to a component as to a solution of complete transmission with a range of products that covers all his needs and in which only they appear first world-wide marks, whose quality and fame have been strengthened over time.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It will be for you the collaborator that will help them to convert his projects in competitive realities, allowing them surpass to the majority of his competitors already are national or international.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. By the multiple linguistic knowledges of his engineers and collaborators can communicate easily and advise to his numerous national customers and foreigners delivered in the 5 continents. On the other hand, said knowledges also allow us keep a narrow and exceptional collaboration with the most important international marks and the best technicians and engineers of the market allowing us be always informed of the newest products or solutions. By these reasons, when Unit heads to Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. Has always the hygiene to achieve the product or the most suitable solution and updated to the need that poses him , in addition to the backrest of each represented.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It is today synonymous of a guarantee of service put to proof by the most demanding and in the widest fan of the industrial applications, with quality of product, advice, management, repairs, peritajes and learning.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It has of an important stock so much of components as of spare pieces, that allows to attend urgent needs of setting of equipment, of modification or of repair. Besides, we have of a stock of hygiene of components specifically reserved and adapted to the punctual needs of our usual customers OEM, which allows them face up to the unpredictable fluctuations of his sales and productive needs, service that today day the big marks have moved to his distributors.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. It has today of all the necessary means for the manufacture of hydraulics head offices to measure of the customer already are with electrical engine or engine diesel, small or big, simple or complex.

Interfluid Hydraulics, S.L.Or. Also it has of the appropriate means for the repair of the majority of hydraulics components or mechanics of the transmissions. For the realisation of the pertinent hydraulics proofs, have of a very complete and modern bank of proofs of 400 CV to be able to them offer the most complete service in the matter with the greater possible guarantee.