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The company introduced its latest in filters in Motortec Automechanika

Iberian Mann+Hummel expands its range of filters

Ricard Arís03/05/2011

May 3, 2011

All fair is important to present what's new, improved products or innovations in the range of services for our clients. On this occasion, Motortec Automechanika Ibérica 2011 served for Mann+Hummel with customers shared a space where to see the latest developments, such as filters for SCR systems, acoustic filter or filters of carrier Fercious Plus.

The pageant of Motortec Automechanika Ibérica Mann+Hummel Iberian was a meeting point for the sector of the aftermarket where manufacturers, dealers and workshops have the opportunity to get in touch and exchange impressions to exploit so better and together the challenges afforded the present and the future of the after-sales. It turned out to be, in the words of their representatives, "a bet, a support and an investment in the future for us in the independent aftermarket sector".

Mann-Filter employees had the opportunity to speak personally with customers about several things that the company considers fundamental, as the current status of his factory, with the start of new projects of the good response from the market of the projects launched in 2010 from the plant in Zaragoza, the quality and innovation of its products or the new vision of the group 'leadership in leak'based in motivated people who develop solutions and results for the company.

Javier Bellmunt, following the introduction of Mann+Hummel.

Javier Bellmunt, head of marketing of Mann-Filter, took the event to present at press conference the new magazines for the 2011 campaign ads and talk about the news this year is going to offer the company to its customers.

Filters that protect the environment

Already speaking of the submitted products, is necessary to mention that Mann-Filter has expanded its range of filters of urea SCR systems. Compact filters of urea, as told from the company, "help significantly engines diesel trucks and buses with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to remain within the stringent NOx limits specified in European standard Euro 6 emissions.

A summary of its full range of products was also presented in the exhibition. The brand offers more than 4,600 types of filters around the world for more than 35,000 applications, reference numbers more than 130,000 and 150,000 assignments of filters. The brand, which is constantly growing to include new types of filters, covers more than 96% of the vehicles existing in Western Europe. A strong point, say, is their "range for Asian vehicles including some 580 types of filters to more than 2,300 Japanese and Korean car models".

An example of the new announcements that may be found in the press this year.

In this sense, they wanted to make it clear that they provide products and services of high quality and offer a wide range of services. In addition, support to the independent aftermarket and workshops in their daily work through sales promotions, for example, in order to get and keep more customers and increase revenues. For sales promotions, Mann-Filter provides professional help for sale, training on products and marketing materials.

During the fair Motortec, customers could see the catalogs system, which includes the range of products and, as Bellmunt commented, "it is comfortable for the user, easy to handle and is updated on a daily basis". All the important information of the brand can be found online on its website.

Motortec served as a framework for the presentation of news and the new campaign of ads for this year

Filters for SCR systems

Mann-Filter on the other hand, presented his expanded range of filters of urea SCR systems, which reduces the nitrous oxides in the exhaust gases. Compact urea filters are characterized by high fineness of filter, fitness tested and tested for daily use and long life. They protect from wear and damage to the components of the system. These filters are available for the principal SCR systems in heavy vehicles and buses.

The press conference also highlighted the recognition that Mann+Hummel provides its employees with the 2010 inventors award, which was delivered in Speyer, Germany, director general Alfred Weber and Matthias Seyboth, director of patents, trademarks and licensing. The winners were Günter Jokschas, Helmut Luka and Jochen Reyinger of Ludwigsburg. The three inventors received the award for a patented fuel filter.

The broad delegation of Mann+Hummel was United in the Motortec press conference.

New acoustic filter

Another novelty of the company is the creation of a new procedure which reconciles the acoustics of the engine, the limitations of conditioning in the engine compartment and the loss of pressure in the intake system. The company engineers have developed an acoustic filter which solves these requirements that are often conflicting.

Finally, in terms of carrier Frecious Plus filters, in the presentation is commented that this type of filters "prevents the particles, gases, odors and also allergens and microorganisms from entering the interior of the vehicle".

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