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Insonorizadas And adapted to the performance of cabrestantes of 40 tonnes and 800 metres of diameter

Hydrel Installs two new hydraulics head offices in Cádiz

Editorial Interempresas30/03/2011

30 March 2011

Hydrel has developed two hydraulics head offices of 180 CV entirely instrumented and insonorizadas for the performance of cabrestantes of 40 tonnes with 800 metres of wire of diameter 52. This project was llevar entirely by the Catalan company from the initial data provided by Hidrofersa. Both head offices set up after six weeks of work in the installations that the final user, Dragados Off Shore, possesses in Cádiz.

Each central consists of a soundproof body of 4 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1.95 metres tall and a diesel engine Perkins of 180 HP with air cooling. This engine powered both the hydraulic pump Linde of circuit open and flow variable Load Sensing 105 cubic centimeters, like the rest of the auxiliary pumps. The command of acting of the winch is a dealer proportional Danfoss PVG type of electrical control proportional and manual.

Plants have a tank of hydraulic oil of 400 litres fully equipped with the necessary accessories, as well as a set of filters of our represented Internormen Filter to achieve a high level of filtration and ensure the reliability and life expectancy which requires the application. Also, chose to integrate virtually all of the valves of the hydraulic circuit 5 hydraulic block manifold of specific manufacturing for this application. Part of them integrate electric proportional valves that the maneuvers are performed automatically or remotely.

Each central consists of a soundproof carbody of 4 meters long, 1.6 meters wide and 1.95 metres tall and a deposit of oil of 400 litres.

Also has of a fixed electrical picture in the head office from where starts and regulates the diet of turns of the engine diesel and visualise all the instruments of necessary control. The performance of the team can realizar from a picture of portable control from where select the distinct ways of operation and controls the cabrestante already was manual or automatically through the programmable automaton that manages all the parameters in function of the way of performance selected.

The plants are provided with manual ball valves for isolation of the hydraulic circuit and electrical connectors for mounting and dismounting quick clean and depending on the tasks to perform.


The manufacture of both teams was in the workshops of Hydrel as well as its first implementation and verification of its operation. The hydraulic circuit of these power stations is designed for the development of very different tasks either manual mode or automatic mode. They allow, inter alia, perform with software and the corresponding PLC automatic control of the tension of the cable with a high precision, the largado and automatic collection according to the parameters requested by the operator, the automatic mooring of offshore platforms, the subject of parts or mechanical sets of great magnitude and weight, etc.

Was decided to integrate virtually all of the valves of the hydraulic circuit 5 hydraulic block manifold of specific manufacturing

The team has several configurations to ensure the security and even the operation in the event of electrical failures. Some are managed and performed by the automaton and others have been incorporated directly into tables, bodywork or command and act directly regardless of the orders of the automaton.


Given the importance of the tasks to which the team must face, a team with a large number of assurances has been planned to provide for any human error handling. For example, the security system prevents performance from the box fixed if an operator is acting from the notebook table. For the same reasons of security and reliability are planned that portable box cable auque electronic equipment will also be planned for operation and control by radio.

Plants have a fixed electrical panel from where you start and regulates the regime of laps of the Pérkins diesel engine.

In addition to the elements of security and emergency stop usual in this type of equipment and due to the large number of operators active in your environment during the dangerous maneuvers, he has had to have several light signals and acoustics of the operating modes, of the types of danger or the state change. The automaton is responsible for acting and manage different signals so that the operators and workers in the surrounding area can identify the type of risk they face.

The system prevents the action from the box fixed if an operator is acting from the laptop box

Both the fixed electrical panel and portable command box are some led's control that give information on the status of the machine anytime: operational mode in which we are, the State of the winch brakesIf there is a bug in the hydraulic or diesel engine, or if there is an excessive temperature of hydraulic oil as well as if the pressure of skipped controlled selected in the mode of voltage controlled without the action of the dealer is less than the necessary to control the load.

The performance of the winch is always performed from the command of laptop from where you can select the mode of operation and control which also envision at all times the pressure of the hydraulic motors which is directly proportional to the force exerted by the same.

The performance of the capstan is always made from portable control command.

Control mode

In the case of manual mode, it acts directly with the joystick of the portable command that, through the automaton commands proportional distributor Danfoss coils. In the automatic control mode, obtain a controlled largado without the action of the dealer, must select the pressure that the operator want to exercise the valve of the load via the potentiometer on the handheld remote. The automaton carries out verification of selected pressure and helps the success of the maneuver. In the event that the central does not authorize the maneuver, the corresponding led will be lit to inform the operator.

Pressure must be selected in the mode of constant tension from the capstan and the automaton will be responsible to act different valves to drop or pick up cable in order to always keep that stress and even the position of reference requested by the operator. This automatic system is known as 'mooring'.

About Hydrel

Located on the outskirts of Barcelona, this company is dedicated to the manufacture, representation, marketing, development of projects of engineering and repair of components for the performance of hydrostatic, technique or mechanical transmissions for a multitude of applications in diverse sectors such as public worksAgriculture, shipbuilding, off-shore, road maintenance, renewable energies or the industry, among others.