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Plastic, machote, plastic

Ibon Linacisoro, Director15/06/2007
In this magazine we like to be alert, not separate us from everything that surrounds us, not so much focus on the plastics industry that we forget that our magazine and this industry are inevitably conditioned and influenced by everything around us. And so much this so that, finally, after much thought, much to discuss and disagree, we have decided to finally tackle the most controversial topic in recent times: that of sexist language, neither more nor less than the projection of the macho that all of us. First of all, apologize for the possible male words that we slip on these lines and, in general, in the rest of the magazine. The plastic is a materiala which serves both women and men (pardon me) and therefore, a two, or should have a neutral article, or simply used half the time in women's and the other half in male (sorry). Machote that you read this, get the batteries, which will not escape a plural mixed in male (with forgiveness), not oses make jokes about women (men Yes, that much feminiza and approximates sensibilities), and even sometimes, resorts to the plastic and, as a rule, to sow your speech of citizens and citizens of Europe, us and us (this is very good) and grabs the vacuum cleaner. Take, that it does not bite, that even if you have many plastic is good to go destroying ácaras and mites. But beware the nuances and with matizas them. It may be that one, or a (sorry), failed yet get rid of his macho, but the language not sexist could lead us to traps. It is not the same for a mint (mean) macho a commentary of the type "the very Fox knew what he was doing" than in female: "the very slut knew what he was doing". Got one of these, it is best to run away, there is no longer who fix. The courage of this magazine to address the problem of sexist words isn't more than a form more than demonstrate their commitment to the plastic industry. Promote the penetration of these matters in society is one of our goals, make that the polypropylene, the polietilena, even the PVC are admitted as normal and already not as alternative to other subjects, but as subjects in their own right. Epileptic crises such as those that do not want to cause, they say, the new logo of the London 2010 Olympics. They say that she has been spent $180,000 to create a logo that does not like anyone and that it resembles a swastika disassembled. The thing that there is already a website that has collected 35,000 signatures against has been so ugly. However, is a sample of how different is the perception of things according to the receipt of them. Plastic Universalas, the image of the Olympics consider us a couple dancing rock, perhaps a twist, of course not a disassembled swastika. But patterns, which we perceive things in a way, is not to say that this form is the real. Women themselves will have ever said you it.

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