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Rotary harrows

Rotary presses terracing

This product data sheet was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to produce a precise translation; however, no automatic translation is perfect, nor it is intended to replace a human translator. The original product sheet in Spanish is available at Grada rotativa: de fácil montaje y acoplamiento

Of easy setting and attachment

Amazone KG

The rotary presses terracing KG keeps always the depth of work adjusted, independently of if the earth has been cultivated or has not worked never., even in floor of big dioficultad, since the “quills on grip” drag by the interior of the earth. The “quills on grip” move the earth of down to up.

With the effect of disintegration, the thick particles of earth deposit on the surface. The fine earth keeps in the horizon of seeds to improve the conditions of germination. Like this, the seeds enter in the zone of the fine earth. The thickest particles of the earth protect the surface of the enlodamiento, the drought and the erosion. The system “Roller Drill” with roller of conical ring, disk RoTeC-Control and rastra of rollers provides a better germination of seed and a greater production.

The rotary presses terracing KG Special has a width of work of 3 m , 3,5 m and 4 m acoplable for a tractor of until 220 CV of power.. It can include to choose quills of hold or quills of drag.

The rotary presses terracing KG Spuper has a width of work of 3 m , 3,5 m and 4 m acoplable for a tractor of until 300 CV of power.
Company: Deltacinco Delgado Delgado e Hijos, S.A.
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