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Faeca-Seville analysed in a day the new law of cooperatives


12 April 2012

The Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Companies of Seville (FAECA-Seville) has celebrated, together with the Foundation south Rural Box, an informative day on the new Law 14/2011 of Andalusian Cooperative Societies, in force from the past 20 January. Likewise, the meeting has served to analyse the draft of the Regulation that, once approved, will force to the cooperatives to adapt his statutes.

The day, that celebrated the past 11 April in the headquarters sevillana of the financial entity, was inaugurated by the presidents of FAECA-Seville and south Rural Box, Francisco J. Bernal and José Luis García Palaces, respectively. To continuation, interveno the juridical adviser of FAECA-Seville, Alfredo Martín Vidal, and the technical adviser of the General Steering of Social Economy and Emprendedores of the Council of Economy, Innovation and Science, Gabriel Sánchez Bárcena, the one who has worked in all the process of editorial of the norm. In the transcurso of the meeting underlined that the new rule will allow modernizar the cooperative structures and approximate them to the most innovative of the north countries of Europe, thanks to a flexible text by which each company will be able to design a model to his measure.

In this sense, the Law 14/2011, that substitutes to the one of the year 1999, expands the social object of the agricultural cooperatives, makes possible that the social capital avenges determinate and quantify the services to which accesses the partner by means of his subscription and, amongst other appearances, includes the plural vote ponderado in proportion to the volume of activity cooperativizada of the partners, without that any of them can have of a number of upper votes to seven social votes. Nevertheless, the rule requires of a statutory development that it has to approve in the six back months to his publication and of the that already exists the draft.

In the meantime, the cooperative can go already modifying his statutes regarding the matters dispositivas established by the law and have to take into account that some appearances are already of application, such as the assumption of some competitions of the Assembly by part of the Council Rector, the agilización of determinate formalities or the disappearance of the figure of the interventor in cooperatives with less than ten partners. These and other appearances are those that centred the interest of a day in which they participated more than seventy people.




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