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Antonio Carraro Ibérica, S.A. - Orchard and vineyard tractors

Antonio Carraro TGF 7800 S y 9400 S - Serie Ergit S

Tractor trucks specialist: to move with agility and precision between narrow rows or between trees frutales

Picture of Tractor trucks specialist
TGF Series S is a steeringal cute tractor of uneven wheels, rigid. His new design, in accordance with the familyfeeling of the tractors of high range AC contributes so much to the improvement of the aesthetics as to the operative comfort. TGF Distinguishes for having a centre of low gravity, that confers him stability and hygiene in slopes and in terrains escabrosos. The compact structure with the leading wheels of lower diameter that the rear, allows him a precise steering and twists of radio very reduced. TGF Is the tractor devoted to the operators that have to move with agility and precision between narrow rows or between trees frutales and can configure in multiple combinations of tyres to achieve a more personalised version.

The hydraulics system, essential, but complete, includes the elevator, stick of 3 points Cat. 1-2 and distributor of double effect, with an ideal hydraulics capacity for the normal use of a lot of types of implementos. Optionally it can supply with hydraulics system with control of position and effort. The taking of strength, entirely independent, is of two speeds: 540 rpm, 540 And (750 rpm) and synchronised with the speed of advance. It can connect with the tractor under way to facilitate the manoeuvres even in critical situations and with trailer motriz. The axis of T. Of F. It is of type ASAE 1” 3/8 and only for all the speeds.

Engine: powerful, ecological and economic.

- TGF 7800 S: 71 CV, direct injection, 4 cylinders.

- TGF 9400 S: 87 CV, direct injection, 4 cylinders turbo intercooler


- Reliability: quality and long length of the components.

- Performance: maximum performance.

- Comfort: noises and broadcasts reduced to the minimum.

- Saving: lower number of interventions of maintenance, amortización in little time, less consumption of fuel.