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Rotary mowers: drum with conditioner

Picture of Rotary mowers
The Claas short mowers can now also purchase with conditioner, for a period shorter than premarchitamiento. For mowing with conditioner accelerates the evaporation of water and preserves all nutrients. Forage dries more quickly and uniformity. It minimizes the risk of the time, getting a high-quality forage.

Strong power and reliability.

Not always reign the best harvest conditions in the optimal timing of mowing. It is often short time when dark clouds threaten. Then it is important to harvest valuable forage safely in minimal time.

Conditioner tines Claas, designed specifically for active grass harvest: without touch the ground and therefore without dirt, rotor steel spikes take forage harvesters discs, so renovate with effectiveness and deposited it in a wide esponjada row.

The worker can adapt packaging efficiency harvest conditions individually. You can also modify the step on the one hand and on the other hand rotate 180 ° tines.

Protection against foreign bodies.

V rotor steel tines are solid and ready phased. They are elastically housed which protects against possible foreign bodies. According to the position of its two asymmetrical frontal faces can be a more or less aggressive efficiency level, i.e., more careful packaging.

An extremely comprehensive step and deposition of row to measure: the product of mowing can cross the step in the entire width. This provides a tremendous performance by surface and a wide deposition of row for a fast-drying. So are determinants also exactly dimensioned measures of the rotor.

Solid hosting the rotor.

Conditioner drum is supported by strong external straight media. Produced huge forces are absorbed with security. If necessary you can disassemble drum easily.