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Talleres Corbins, S.L. - Mounted sprayers


Pulverizadores Of big scope: for the fumigation and disinfection of parks and gardens

Picture of Pulverizadores Of big scope
Workshops Corbins has of a range of pulverizadores especially designed for the fumigation and disinfection of parks and gardens. They are instrumented with steeringal cannons motorised to treat all the environingingments that require fast and precise interventions like parks, gardens, urbanisations and fields of golf.

The team is endowed of engine diesel Lombardini cooled to water with electrical start; bomb of membranes of 30 to 50 bar; chassis autoportante of steel zincado in hot; tank of polietileno to proof of crash (400 and 600 l), and a system of 4 cisternas independent (main, wash basin, washes circuit and carburante). Besides, it has an electrical head with wide angle of rotation (vertical of 250º and horizontal of 280º), with a scope of 30-35 or 35-40 m, depending of the model, with a box botonera placed manually of the operario.