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Talleres Corbins, S.L. - Pruning compressors

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Equipment pruning compressesors: to the three points of the tractor

Picture of Equipment pruning compressesors
The equipment for poda pneumatics and recolección joined up to the three points of the tractor and accionados by means of taking of strength, present in different versions of pressesure vessels and compressesors, according to the needs of each user. All the models are compact and fulfil with the rules of hygiene CE.

It treats of equipment compressesors with big provision joined up to the taking of strength of any agricultural tractor.

His chassis is compact and robust. They exist different models of heads compresoras, according to the exigencias of utilisation. All the machines have of a regulatory valve of three roads and a valve of hygiene, a filter of condensation of water, a lubrificador automatic for useful and a regulator of the pressesure of work, independently of the pressesure of the calderín, the bulones of stick, the calderín recognised to 12 bar and that the protections are according to the normative CE.

The first model is of 4 YOU with 38 litres of capacity of tank, and 4 exits of pressesure of 321 l/min and 12 bar. It has of 2 cylinders and weighs 112 kg. The second model is of 6 YOU, and varies in that his exits of pressesure are of 546 l/min, and his weight is of 118 kg.

The model 8 YOU has a capacity of tank of 50 litres and has 8 pistones with an exit of pressesure of 615 l/min and 12 bar, with 2 cylinders and 120 kg of weight. The second variation of this model is that it can have greater pressesure, until 800 l/min, weighing until 122 kg. And the third version of the model 8 YOU reaches the 1.400 l/min with 4 cylinders and a weight of 126 kg.