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Comercial de Mecanización Agrícola, S.A. (COMECA) - Soil preparation

Agrisem Combiplow 38/48

Descompactadores: compact and hygiene non-stop mechanical

Picture of Descompactadores
The descompactadores Combiplow 38 and 48 of Agrisem, distributed by Comeca, offer hygiene non-stop mechanical in a compact design.

Besides, the resorte possesses the advantage to have a time of immediate reaction, on the contrary that the hydraulics that it can even block working to big speed.

This type of hygiene has the advantage to be simple and safe. Besides, his positioning on the beam of the descompactador allows to conserve a compacidad record.

The Combiplow 38 and 48 are the descompactadores combinable with hygiene non-stop that present the best compacidad of the market; where compacidad means the distance go in stick of the arms of the tractor and the arms of the Combiplow in position transport.

It fits to signal also that the stick retractable of the Combiplow ensures a big compacidad to the transport, but by the contrary generates a clear important during the work to allow to the blades escamotearse without interfering with the apero that follows him.

The Combiplow possesses a chassis in bridge to allow the step of a cardán of taking of strength. It is possible to stick behind the Combiplow 48 a rotary presses terracing, azada rotary presses or a Disc-Or-Mulch.