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Albiar's product reviews/datasheets

PictureProduct Brand/Model
Agricultural brush cutters
Shredder blade Shredder blade

With adjustable-speed drive

Shredder blades Shredder blades

On sliding sled


Shredder hammer Shredder hammer

Standalone engine


Antiparasitic and insecticides
Insect repellent collar Insect repellent collar

To repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks


Light necklace Light necklace

Runs on batteries


Beer production machinery
Machinery for the manufacturing of beer Machinery for the manufacturing of beer

With all the accessories

Blowers and de-leafers for olives and dried fruits
Aspiradora For fruit Aspiradora For fruit

With system of aspiración without turbine


Borage seeds Borage seeds

It reaches about 50 cm

Variedad Flor Blanca Movera

Cattle machinery and equipment
Esquiladoras For livestock Esquiladoras For livestock

Electrical and with battery

Esquiladoras Professional for livestock Esquiladoras Professional for livestock

With engine colgante

Cleaning products for pets and environment
Professional shampoos Professional shampoos

For all types of animals


FL 33

Soluble toothpaste to pet oral hygiene Soluble toothpaste to pet oral hygiene

Suitable for dogs and cats



Clippers and hair cutters
Esquiladora Esquiladora

For pets

Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomato seed Cherry tomato seed

Variety of fruits Orange cherry

Variedad Sungold

Chippers for gardening, bioshredders
Biotrituradora Biotrituradora

With 13 HP engine


Diesel engines
Motores diésel [es] Motores diésel

Refrigerados por aire


Electric fences
Electric shepherds Electric shepherds

Electric fence for small gardens


Electric pumps
Electrobombas para gasoil [es] Electrobombas para gasoil


Endive seed Endive seed

Curly leaf Endive

Variedad Cigal

Esparcidores Dragged of salt and granulated
Esparcidora Of salt Esparcidora Of salt

Of it drag or TDF

Feed troughs for cattle
Forage field Forage field

Manufactured in polyethylene

Filters and filtering components
Filter Filter

For liquids with particles


Fodder beet seed Fodder beet seed

Exterior reddish

Variedad Roja Eckendorf

Fodder beet seed Fodder beet seed

WHITE variety of green collar

Mix for meadows Mix for meadows

Special for horses

Mixes of annual meadows Mixes of annual meadows

For ensilado or henificado

Mixes of meadows Mixes of meadows

Annual, for pastoreo direct

Seeds for meadow Seeds for meadow

Lotus Cornicolatus

Seeds for meadow Seeds for meadow

With a length of 3 and 5 years


Seeds of dactilo Seeds of dactilo

For you seed in autumn and spring

Fruit and vegetables cutting/slicing machines
Electrical mills Electrical mills

For triturar fruit and vegetables

Gardening pumps
Motombombas Motombombas

For abrasive liquids



Gear pumps
Bombas de engranajes [es] Bombas de engranajes

Para trasiego de hidrocarburos

Grape crushers and destalkers
Estrujadoras Of apples Estrujadoras Of apples

Manual or with electrical engine

Gravel and fertilizer for lawn
Fertilizante Professional lawn Fertilizante Professional lawn

Of release controlled


Regenerador Of lawn Regenerador Of lawn

With high content in amino acids

Green sport

Green bean
Seed of Jewish Seed of Jewish

Great vigor and proper germination plant

Variedad Strike

Seed of Jewish Seed of Jewish

Jewish low mata, green, flat pods

Variedad Ebro

Seed of Jewish Seed of Jewish

Suitable for early sowing

Variedad Bina

Seed of Jewish Seed of Jewish

Suitable for outdoor and greenhouse

Variedad Iluro

Hedge cutters
Cortasetos Of petrol Cortasetos Of petrol

With handle giratorio



Holding facilities
Cubículos For terneros Cubículos For terneros

In resin of polietileno

Lawn seeds
Seeds for lawn Seeds for lawn

For all type of terrains

Professional lawn mower Professional lawn mower

With an 84 cm cutting width


WCM 84

Leek seed Leek seed

Early variety of short cycle

Variedad Fantassin

Leek seed Leek seed

Useful also for growing baby

Variedad Zermatt

Log splitters
Astilladora Manual Astilladora Manual

It allows to split trunks of until 55 cm of length

VS Splitter

Lubricant oils and greases for industry purpose
Industrial fat Industrial fat

Big mechanical and thermal sensors stability


Lítica 3

Insoluble fat in water Insoluble fat in water

With excellent qualities of service


Complex EP-2

Lubricantes For automatic transmissions Lubricantes For automatic transmissions

Also for controls oleodinámicos


103 D

Lubricantes multifunción Lubricantes multifunción

For tractors


Valthor 10W30 Agro Stou

Lubricantes Multipurpose Lubricantes Multipurpose

Complex mix of hydrocarbons and additives



Lubricantes para engranajes [es] Lubricantes para engranajes

100 % sintético


220 Syntex

Manual grape presses
Manual presses Manual presses

For grape

Medicine for other pets
Condoprotector for joints Condoprotector for joints

Specially formulated for the joints of dogs and cats



Monitoring equipment
Wireless video system Wireless video system

For tractors

Motor hoes
Motoazada Motoazada

With two speeds


Princess mr


61 Cm working width

MTD T-245

Motobomba flotante [es] Motobomba flotante

Puede funcionar en vacío


Mouldboard plows
Reversible plough Reversible plough

Garden tillers and cultivators

Multi-purpose insecticides
Insecticide spray from total discharge Insecticide spray from total discharge

Authorized for domestic use

Pulfin fogger

Organic products
Fitofortificante And repelente Fitofortificante And repelente

Against worms of floor


Organic substrates
Sustrato mantillo Sustrato mantillo



Other automotive tools for gardening
Spare parts and accessories for machinery of gardening Spare parts and accessories for machinery of gardening

Originals and adaptable

Other forestry equipment
Caballete de corte para madera [es] Caballete de corte para madera

Acoplable a remolques


Other implements
Aperos Agricultural Aperos Agricultural

For motor hoes and rotovators

Other phytosanitary products
Mojante Ecological Mojante Ecological

Ecological product


Other poultry equipment
Electrical incubators Electrical incubators

With continuous turning system

G-60 thp

Incubators Incubators

With automatic turning system

162a Digital

Other products for veterinary
Descornador Descornador

With battery recargable


Desinfectante For wounds Desinfectante For wounds

For all type of animals

Septi clense

Other vegetable seeds
Horticultural seeds Horticultural seeds

Hybrid for the professional

Pendular fertilizers
Suspended fertilizer Suspended fertilizer

With three-point hitch


Pepper seed Pepper seed

Extremely spicy fruit

Variedad Habanero

Rebordeadora Rebordeadora

To outline the outlines in the fields of lawn


550 G

Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed

Fruits of between 6 and 7 kg

Variedad Rocket F-1

Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed

One of the most large-fruited varieties

Variedad Racer

Pumpkin seed Pumpkin seed

Transplant and not make direct seeding is recommended

Variedad Baby Bear F1

Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds

Of an approximate weight of 4 kg


Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds



Radish seeds Radish seeds

Recommended for planting in spring and summer

Variedad Ringo F1

Repellent products
Repellent for wild boar Repellent for wild boar

100% natural

Repellent of lizards and snakes Repellent of lizards and snakes

100% natural

Repellent of rabbits and deer Repellent of rabbits and deer

100% natural

Lawn scarifier Lawn scarifier

With self-contained motor

Scarifier and self-propelled resembradora Scarifier and self-propelled resembradora

The dosage of grass seeds is carried out automatically

Billy Goat OS 900

Sheep and goat farm equipment and materials
Paints for marking of sheep Paints for marking of sheep

Does not alter the skin of sheep

Software for the livestock sector
Video surveillance system Video surveillance system

For cattle

Cow Cam

Spray trucks
Carretilla To powder Carretilla To powder



Carts To powder Carts To powder

Instrumented with pumps of pistones

Sprays, powder bellows, nebulisers and other phytosanitary treatment equipment
Manual injector Manual injector

For direct treatments to the floor


Tomato seed Tomato seed

To collect in pintón

Variedad Caramba

Tomato seed Tomato seed

Variety for collection in pintón

Variedad Anairis

Trailed sprayers
Pulverizador For quad Pulverizador For quad

With electrical engine or of petrol

Trailers (for gardening)
Garden trailer Garden trailer

Manual or towed


Transmission fluids
Lubricantes For gears Lubricantes For gears

Works in conditions very severe


4 Phy sae 90

Lubricantes For hydraulics systems Lubricantes For hydraulics systems

With high index of viscosity


46 Vh

Lubricantes For pneumatics tools Lubricantes For pneumatics tools

Of high stability


Martival 100

Lubricantes Of high stability Lubricantes Of high stability

For hydraulics transmissions


105 j. d.

Universal substrates
Sustrato Universal Sustrato Universal

For all type of plants


Veterinary equipment
Cohesive and adhesive bandages Cohesive and adhesive bandages

Breathable and elastic

Equipment of needle-free vaccination Equipment of needle-free vaccination

Fast and secure


Instrumental Kit Instrumental Kit

For the treatment of hooves


Vibrators and shakers for harvesting
Shakers for olives Shakers for olives

With electric or petrol engines

Nutritional supplement for dogs Nutritional supplement for dogs

Based on biotin, helps the growth and protection of the hair, skin and mucous membranes


Biotin B Complex

Nutritional supplement for dogs Nutritional supplement for dogs

Based on biotin, helps the growth and protection of the hair, skin and mucous membranes


Biotin B Complex

Nutritional supplement Nutritional supplement

It stimulates and invigorates the immune system and increases resistance and vitality

Anima Strath

Water washers
Pressure washer Pressure washer

With 100 litres tank

Aft 200/23

Wine and cava bottle filling machines
Embotelladora For wine Embotelladora For wine

By gravity

Product sheets