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València, 333, 2º 1ª A
08009 Barcelona Spain

Agricultural tyres, forestry and industrial.

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems España, S.A.

Trelleborg Wheel Systems SA Is the only company of the world devoted exclusively to the agricultural tyres. The company offers to his customers an offer of wide and complete products, that satisfies all the needs of the agricultural sector. TWS Explains 2.565 workers delivered by 19 countries, being one of the main designers, manufacturers and world-wide distributors, of systems of wheels for machinery and vehicles of agricultural and forestry use. The big quality of his products, the wide range of tyres and the attention that loans to the customers, situate to the company to the international avant-garde of the sector. The growth of these last years and the acquisition of PIRELLI*Agricultural Tyres in 1999 has reinforced the position of Trelleborg Wheel Systems in the market, when turning into one of the providers of agricultural tyres more important of Europe, with a solid industrial base.
Trelleborg Wheel Systems Develops, manufactures and commercialises his products mainly in two segments: destined tyres to the agricultural sectors, forestry and industrial tyres for diverse uses. On the one hand, the range of marked agricultural tyres TM, specialised in radial tyres of technology of high apt provision for all type of tractors, from the smallest used to work in kitchen gardens or vineyards, until the most modern vehicles of more than 260 CV increasingly frequent in our market. On the other hand, Trelleborg offers a variety of measures of tyres that cover from the used for the agricultural works, forestry, of trailer and recolección until the tyres for the small tractors that employ to cut the lawn and in other special machineries.