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Serrat Trituradoras - About...

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Río Cinca, 12
22510 Binaced (Huesca) Spain

Manufacturer of crushers agricultural, forestry, biomass, industrial gardening, public works and special applications.

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Serrat Trituradoras

SERRAT MULCHERS is a company founded in 1988 and dedicated to the manufacture of shredders, forestry, agricultural, industrial landscaping and public works. Its wide range of products makes them leaders in the sector of agriculture and forestry mulchers.
Their engineering is equipped with systems CAD - CAM with the possibility to customize the products to the unit. Continuous development and technology study of our r & d Department ensure each customer an excellent adaptation to your needs.
Accompanying the manufacture of shredders, the company provides an after-sales service, spare parts and repairs, direct and personalized for all its customers and distributors. They have an extensive network of sales at national and European level.
SERRAT MULCHERS in working with the latest technologies to customize the products offered to its customers in order that they obtain a high degree of satisfaction. Your willingness to serve, care after-sales and warranty extension configured les as a company focused on satisfying its customers.