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Selva de Mar, 111
08019 Barcelona Spain


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Semillas Fitó, S.A.

Semillas Fito is a Spanish multinational company, founded in 1880 in Sant Martí de Provençals, Barcelona. In the past 130 years it has gone from being a small seed company to become one of the ten leading multinationals in the sector of genetic improvement, production and distribution of seeds of species of agricultural and horticultural plants.
Its commitment to society makes seeds Fito a different company: work closely with farmers and professionals from each sector where it operates to develop and improve seeds together, in response and always adapting to the needs of each client.
"Improving with you" has been the motto of this company and is the engine that has made it to advance generation after generation. Ramón Fitó highlighted the commercialization of seedlings, which made famous the Tres Cantos tomato or pepper in Reus. Antonio Fitó innovated with the production of seedlings in small wood and glass greenhouses. Casimiro Fitó opted for the multiplication and marketing of seeds, leading the company to obtain the concession number 6 in Spain as an authorized producer of horticultural seeds. Antonio and Jaime Fitó consolidate brand and give the jump to the expansion of the company.
In this new century, the fifth generation of the family has undertaken an unstoppable process of internationalization, consolidating the position of the company in the global market. Thus, Eduard Fitó, Xavier Fitó and Laia Fitó are regarding new company in development and operations, sales and Marketing and r & d, respectively.