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Ctra. C-13 (Andorra - Puigcerdà), km 16,2
25690 Vilanova de La Barca (Lleida) Spain

Manufacturer of Agricultural Machinery, Works Publish and of municipal Equipment.

Location of Roda Maquinaria Agrícola, S.L.


Roda Maquinaria Agrícola, S.L.

RODA AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, SL., founded in 1920 by JOSEP RODA ABELLO, later promoted with big business spirit by his son FRANCISCO RODA DOLCET and directed at present by JOSÉ ANTONIO RODA VILIMELIS, grandson of the founder, have manufactured since, more than 30.000 aperos agricultural.

This year fulfils the 50 anniversary of the manufacture of the first of them.

RODA Was cream like familiar company devoted to the repair of carriages and, later, devoted to the repair, in concrete to the repair agricultural machinery, abandoning this activity after manufacturing the first aperos agricultural, like milling machines, aperos of labranza, etc.

RODA Initiated the manufacture of loaders shovels in the year 1965, with the construction of shovels of one two or three cylinders; being designed and built entirely in the factory of Vilanova of the Boat. Along the years, RODA has developed and created own systems of improvement that the agriculturalists always have valued.

From 1982, RODA., it assumed the challenge of the commercialisation in all the Spanish territory. In the 2000, produced a big jump in the company: the new manufactures built at the side of the first, that jointly configure but of 5.500m² of ships and offices and 1.200m² of external exhibition.

At present, the company has purchased the last technology in production: centres of cut by CAD, cortadora and plegadora of numerical control, new systems of tooling, etc., achieving like this an increase of the production of 40% in the last 7 years.

RODA, has in the actuality of more than a hundred of points of service in Spain and several international delegations.

The range of products has evolved with the growth of his market: loaders shovels, elevators carries-pallets, retros excavator, leaves quitanieves, sweepers, and elevators tripuntales forwards. RODA Has reached in these moments " a position consolidated inside the range of Spanish agricultural machinery". Likewise, it has known to do a gap in the external market, being present in France, Portugal, United Kingdom, north of Africa and North America. .