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COAG Considers “insufficient and limited” the extension of the measures by drought announced by the MAGRAMA


23 April 2012

The Coordinator of Organisations of Agriculturalists and Graziers (COAG) consider scarce and limited the extension of the measures to mitigate the impact of the drought in the agricultural exploitations and graziers since they are clearly insufficient to face the 1.600 million euros in losses consolidated that they already bear the agriculturalists and graziers. The rains of the last weeks, although they have been beneficial in general terms, have not served for paliar the grave deficit hídrico in the field. They arrive late for you seed them later of cereals of secano, where gives by lost a third of the production, and to mitigate the absence of pastures. The cost by supercharging with piensos elevates until the 2.500 euros/ month in the exploitations of livestock extensiva.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Feeding and Environingingment announced the past Friday an extension of the measures proposed initially in the table of the Drought: an extension of the initially foreseen budget of 20 to 30 million euros for the measure of new guarantees of SAECA, for new loans of until 40.000 euros that can request the headlines of exploitations graziers in diet extensivo, included the pork extensivo and the equino extensivo in aptitude cárnica, as well as the sectors of ovino, goat milking rooms and beef of milk, and apiculture and the lack of a year in the loans of Rural Development for the group of the agriculture and the livestock, for the modernisation of exploitations and incorporation of youngsters. And a third measure, headed to exploitations graziers in diet extensivo, by which subsidises the extension of the period of amortización of the loans subscribed to the protect of the Order ARM/572/2010, of 10 March. COAG Values the technical improvement of these measures but still follow having a very limited scope so much in number of possible beneficiarios as in cuantías offered. In his group, the package of measures would reach an economic value of 10 million euros, very move# away of the 80 million euros that collected the package of helps by the drought of the year 2005, less acute that the current.

From COAG will pose to the Ministry a series of observations before it publish the definite Ministerial order that regulate the new measures announced. “By himself alone, these measures are scarce to facilitate the urgent injection of liquidity that need the exploitations since they only pose a greater level of indebtedness in base to loans to a high interest. From COAG have demanded to the Ministry that promote an agreement with the banking entities so that they advance the helps of the PAC to the month of June to an interest of 0% and that set up a line of official loans bonificados to an interest the sufficiently appeal for those the agriculturalists and graziers that do not have loans contracted and that equally are seeing affected by the drought and the frosts. Likewise, we have reiterated to the MAGRAMA the need of measures of fiscal type that relieve the delicate economic situation of the exploitations “, has aimed Miguel White, general secretary of COAG.




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