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Case IH, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Claas and SDF are betting on its lines of tractor specialists

Iridosornis tractor, machine made versatility

David well15/04/2011

on April 15, 2011

It is impossible to say what is the best. Explain its features so that each professional choose according to their needs is a more realistic goal. In the next few lines you can find the main models of some of the major brands present in our country. All the models exposed here come together in a single line: versatility, comfort and availability of power according to the needs of each farmer.

Quantum Case IH F: narrow on the outside, spacious on the inside

The special Quantum F of Case ih tractors allow taking care of crops and maximize the performance of the harvest, both narrow vineyards and fruit trees with wider frameworks of plantation. With a nominal capacity between 65 and 97 HP, for those who require more, the Quantum (f) stands out for their safety at work thanks to its good accessibility, comfortable seat, high-visibility and excellent ergonomics. Contemporary design with 4-cylinder engines, allows the tractor to be productive because it works at low regime and high torque and turbocharged with intercooler to make the most of the fuel.
Quantum (f) allows you to care for the crops and maximize the performance of the harvest.
The special Quantum F of Case ih tractors allow taking care of crops and maximize the performance of the harvest
Also, Quantum F tractors offer effective performance by the gear ratio suitable for all the work, from work of accuracy at any time of the campaign, to applications of transport during the harvest. Finally, they are equipped with a hydraulic system of 102 l/min, which allows the use of the different implements, with the possibility of equipping dealers back, middle and front. Your deposit with capacity for 90 liters, allows greater autonomy, with a saving for the farmer/businessman. In conclusion, the tractors Quantum F, versatile and powerful, complete the range of tractors Case IH, whose efficiency and productivity, are their hallmarks.
Technical data of the three models of the Quantum of Case IH series.

MF 3600 VSF: Excellent maneuverability and a versatile transmission that adapts to all tasks

massey ferguson 3600 Tanagers tractors include features unique, hard to find in similar tractors, with the goal of providing comfort, performance and ease of exceptional management, three concepts that are essential to the cost-effective choice of a tractor. The new models fruteros MF3600 VSF, with powers from 69 to 100 HP, mounted the highest specifications, including a 3-cylinder engine, front axle SuperTurn and the broader market cabin. The compact size, great agility and the extraordinary ratio, make the new tractors MF3600 ideal machines for work, both in vineyards and traditional fruit woodlands as modern. In addition, the combination of their small size with their high-powered make these tractors perfect machines for work of municipalities in areas of limited access.
All models are available in arc and simple cabin and with double traction.
The dimensions of Tanagers of the MF 3600 series VSF models have been developed specifically to provide the exact width to suit every need. Models V, for example, can shake up to 1 meter in width - from outside to outside of the tire-making them ideal for work in the traditional vineyards. Massey Ferguson has developed a new 'superturn' front axle to provide exceptionally closed turns without resorting to complex designs. In addition, to have the compact SisuDiesel Citius 3 cylinder engine - 28 mm shorter that the 4-cylinder used traditionally - provides space and flexibility extra to integrate support for the front axle. This, combined with a carved 'WaSP waist' profile allows the movement of the rotation of the front wheels to get an authentic and excellent turning radius outside, outside to outside of front tires, from 2.9 to 3.2 m - depending on the tyres.

All new models of the series MF 3600 VSF mounted the latest and most advanced engines SisuDiesel Citius 3.3 litre and 3 cylinders - the first sector to comply with the Tier 3 regulations on emissions. The performance is assured thanks to the excellent characteristics of power and torque of motors Citius. SisuDiesel engine develops a maximum torque 1400 rev/min, which allows these tractors to drag in harsh conditions with minimal changes in speed, for optimal performance and a minimum consumption of diesel fuel. In addition all of them can be equipped with transmission that is best suited to a wide range of applications.

For maximum efficiency is the 24/24 configuration with PowerShuttle. With this transmission, changes of meaning are made without stepping on the clutch pedal, simply moving the investor back and forth located to the left side of the dashboard. Comfort is a fact to bear in mind when choosing a work tool.

The comfort of the operator is the top priority. He is expected for these tractors to work hard and for long hours. The treatment of some crops up to 25 times is often in the same season. This is the reason why Massey Ferguson has invested in research and development in order to ensure that the driver enjoys the best working environment for an optimal comfort and performance. The new cab is wide outside to outside of 1.2 m. This spacious place of work is also longer and taller making it become the most spacious and comfortable environment for the operator in the sector. Around visibility is excellent, with wide opening of the doors which provide excellent access.

M8540 DTNQ, the specialist of Kubota

Within the range of special Kubota tractors, we highlight the model M8540 DTNQ. The Japanese brand has managed to place it among the models most requested by our farmers on plots where the working width is a limiting factor. With a minimum width of only 1.30 meters, the unique system of rotation 'Bi-speed', the front axle powered by bevel gears, regardless of bearings, they have achieved a really surprising turning radius, avoiding maneuvers in the headboards of the plotsthus increasing the efficiency of working hours.

Kubota provides a model with a high specification series, incorporating a smooth hydraulic investor, three ranges of speeds with creeper series, five-speed synchronized (15 x 15 back below) and the guarantee of being on a Japanese machine stands out for its great reliability.

Kubota has succeeded in placing this model among the best selling among farmers for whom the working width is a limiting factor.
The engine of four cylinders Kubota V3800 GAVE, with direct injection, provides him a power of registration of 88\1CV\2 From Kubota Japan have adapted to the greater requests in aperos hydraulics for these special crops, designing a bomb that contributes a discharge for external services of 61 l/m.

From the cabin, surprises the comfort of the place of driving, with a practically flat platform, a cabin that taking into account the limitations by dimensions, results espaciosa and with a big visibility thanks to the design with glasses rounded and the location of the air conditioned. This model has achieved to situate like the model of Kubota more sold in Spain, the year in that Kubota Corporation celebrates his 120º anniversary.

Technical data of the three models of special Kubota tractors.

Links, the range of Tanagers of Claas

CLAAS has the range of Tanagers linkages, a series of tractors with a power range adapted to the powers that requires this type of tractor, from 72 to 101 HP. The customer can choose according to their needs for power and therefore pay only for what you need. There is a variability of supply of transmissions with up to 4 types of different transmissions (AD 12 / 12 AT - 30 km/h; 24 AD / 24 AT - 40 km/h (with mechanical investor and dubber); 24 AD / 24 AT - 40 km/h (with mechanical investor and 2-speed under load 'twinshift'; and 24 AD / 12 AT - 40 km/h (with investor hydraulically ')))Revershift' and two-speed under load 'twinshift'). They provide again customer choice on the basis of the work carried out, always taking an ideal distribution of groups and speeds.

The hydraulic system, with 20% more flow rate with 2 pumps-hydraulic circuit (26 l/min + 59 l/min) than Nectis, possibility of 3 bombs (85 l/min), has hydraulic capacity to serve, along with up to 8 output rear (hydraulic or electrohydraulic) and 6 frontto several attachments at the same time, reducing times of operation.

The linkages of Claas range allows the client to choose according to their needs for power and therefore pay only for what you need.
The rear elevator with 2.6 tons of capacity, or 3.1 tons with additional cylinder of aid, has the ability to highest in this type of tractor. Along with the elevator and PTO front optional mounted in factory, enable use heavier implements, and reduce operation times. The driving position is configured, with frame of security controls perfectly integrated, both cabin providing ergonomic positions in the handling of the tractor. There are many options of equipment such as air conditioning, air seat, radio, etc. An increase in the levels of comfort and reduced fatigue and stress, means a greater ability to extend the hours of work with lower wear.

The dimensions of each of the versions are perfectly overlapping to perform all kinds of jobs in vineyard and fruit trees with different frameworks of plantation, with dimensions from 1 meter in width to the VE; 1, 25 meters in the VL version to 1.48 in F.

Same Deutz-Fahr, the constant commitment to a quality fruit

Tractor specialists Frutetto3 have been renovated, introducing a series of innovations and improvements. The different versions, models and equipment the SAME brand puts at the disposal of all the clients makes it the widest range of tractors for this segment.

The 3 and 4 cylinder engines, with power ranging between 70 and 110 HP, and different transmissions available comprise an effective tractor. In addition, another exclusive benefit and increased performance is obtained with which is the 'overspeed' system, which maintains a regime of economic engine in the last March. Reduced dimensions and its particular design on the axes and the hood can achieve a wide angle of rotation, thus guaranteeing a high maneuverability, essential for this type of tractor quality.

The 'Overspeed' of the Same Frutetto3 system maintains a regime of economic engine in the last March.
Within the Deutz-Fahr brand we have resistant and compact tractors Agroplus, that offer the highest technological level. Among its main features are: SDF engines, equipped with turbo Intercooler and electronic regulation. On the other hand, the transmission with three gears under load and group of ultralentas speeds are provided with hydraulic investor and the function 'Stop & Go'. Thanks to this system, unique in its segment, it is possible the tractor to stop momentarily, with just stepping on the brake pedal and without need to act on the investor. Different models with different heights and widths of track, and their exceptional performance, both techniques of comfort, make this range of Deutz Fahr a tractor can adapt to any requirement.
Deutz Fahr Agroplus series is notable for its powerful engines SDF, gifted with turbo Intercooler and electronic regulation.
Finally, the prestigious Italian brand Lamborghini tractors have been developed with new transmission technologies and more efficient engines that conform to Tier III. The liquid-cooled engine technology is unique in its class and the electronic regulatory innovative engine ensures that the selected engine is constant. RV, RS and RF models are characterized by offering customer different widths, more or less narrow, and simple or with high technology equipment. The safety of the operator is guaranteed by the structure of frame of security protection or through the original cockpit of only four figures, with excellent 360 ° visibility and a perfect soundproofing and air conditioning. In addition, to complete this range is the RF Target version, which represents the easiest option but with all the necessary equipment and support of the quality of the Lamborghini brand.

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