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The German brand receives an award by the new train of caterpillars Terra Trac

Axion 900: Claas combines a new concept, more comfort and more efficiency

David well07/03/2011

on March 7, 2011

A new line of tractors will expand from 2012 product of large tractor Claas family. For the first time in SIMA, Claas showed the new 900 Axion as preview. With four models in the range from 280 to 400 HP, powerful machines complete the modern range of tractor Claas, complementing the already known and reputable Axion 800 and Xerion 3300 series up to 5000.
SIMA was framework for Claas submit to everyone the 900 Axion, fruit of a completely new construction, whose concept is adapted to the needs of compatibility with the environment and the protection of broadcasts. Thus is has been able to for example integrate directly SCR (Selective Catalic Reduction) technology in the vehicle. The SCR catalyst has been placed under the hood of the engine. The individual deposit of carbamide has been integrated into the fuel tank, so that both filling nozzles are one next to another, offering good access. Thereby it acts first Claas Power System (CPS). CPS represents the optimum combination of new development on the stretch of transmission technologies and components. In the 900 Axion works for the first time with a six-cylinder Common Rail FPT Cursor 9 with four valves and 8.7 litres of engine technology. It's the first model of tractor Claas, which complies with the requirements of the regulations for exhaust Tier 4. The new 900 Axion also has a cabin of four poles, looking for greater comfort of the farmer, and the new lever of March CMotion - already known in the 5000/4500 Xerion-, but developed explicitly for the ergonomics of the right hand. The innovative concept of three fingers allows intuitive handling with several controls without having to change position.
The 900 Axion, exhibited at the salon, is not yet available in the market.
Axion 900 integrates perfectly in the range of Claas tractors, and in the philosophy of development and construction of all tractors of the brand
Since the spring of 2010 already are being the first tests in depth with this tractor in other European countries, but as they recognize from the Spanish Spain based, it will not be until next year when we can see the Axion in Spain. "Every day there is a clear differentiation between markets." "While markets such as French or German are returning to normal, the markets in the South of Europe, among which are Spain, they are stagnating and we do not know when we are going to get out of this situation," says Jose Ignacio Vega, CEO of Claas Iberian. And added: "these differences are also on the product, and while in other countries are discussed introduction of biomass, Spain is still a more theoretical than practical term." This leads to that the need for product markets also begins to differentiate itself in a significant way. Products such as the Axion, or Terra Trac, also presented here, are examples of this. "They are difficult to introduce in Spain, because we are not prepared to do so, and fairs such as SIMA is precisely to give us account that there is a move away to other markets".

CLAAS, awarded by the new train of caterpillars Terra Trac

The German mark was recognized his bet by innovation with the silver medal awarded by SIMA, and in particular with the award for the new train of caterpillars Terra Trac for harvesters Lexion Raceway. The jury awarded the prize for the overall concept of the new train of caterpillars, that through the new hydropneumatic buffer reduces drastically the blows. Hydraulic cylinders adapted in each case driving wheels, wheels and individual support rollers of the Terra Trac to the contours of the ground. Automatic compensation of the level and greater stability in combine curves are the result. In addition, with the individual buffer, improved comfort for the operator in the cabin.
The Lexion combine harvesters can be now incorporated a new train of caterpillars.
CLAAS SIMA received also an award for protection of animals in the harvest of fodder. The 'Savior of hunting' project, in which is currently working the German brand along with some other research partners, received the award for innovation for its "técnico-sensorial system for localization of live animals" to segar farmlanda project supported by the German Ministry for training and research. To this end were investigated different ideas, to locate reliably live animals on land of harvest, thereby guaranteeing their protection. By way of example, Claas showed a camera system of infrared, that he feels the area in front of the mower and him given the operator the live animals within the radius of mowing through representation of Thermographic images in SIMA.

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